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Sandaruwan has also been instrumental in revolutionizing the weekday teledrama culture in Sri Lanka. By introducing new styles and techniques and combining it with effective dramatic storytelling and he was able to set a new benchmark in quality of Teledrama productions in Sri Lanka. He still holds the record of three (03) most popular award winner for his teledrama “Rana” in the year 2014.  His teledrama – Rana, won the main 3 “most popular” awards category for “Most Popular Drama, Most Popular Actress and Most Popular Actor” in Raigam Tele’es Awards including many State awards.

“The director who knows his audience and experimenting his own limits to bring some quality tele experience to his audience”

As a Director and Producer, Sandaruwan responsible for making careers of many prominent actors who are a well established presence in Sri Lankan Entertainment Industry.  

Through his music videos and other creative shows had been opened the doors to many singers to reach out their audience in a memorable way.  Sandaruwan as a professional expert, guided and still guiding many newcomers in the television & the media field to build their path firmly without expecting anything in return from anyone.  This giving and caring nature of Sandaruwan makes him the beautiful human being who he is today whom always overflow with the creative ideas to enhance the standard of television industry in Sri Lanka no matter what extent! 

Sulanga - Sandaruwan Jayawickrama Teledrama

His journey as a director began with his directorial debut Sulanga, in the year 2010.  Sulanga was one of the most popular teledramas in Sri Lankan Television history.  Prominent actress Asha Edirisingha as the lead actress and producer was nominated as the best upcoming actress at Sumathi Awards and nominated as the best actress in State Television Awards.  Gayan Wikramathilaka as the lead actor and veteran actors like Lucky DiasMoureen CharuniCletus MendisJanak PremalalMeena Kumari were given noteworthy performances under the direction of Sandaruwan. 

Sulanga Teledrama

Sulanga Teledrama

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RanSamanalayo - Sandaruwan Jayawickrama Teledrama