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His love for music has brought some unique experience to his audience by gifting them some exceptional Musical Television Programs by adding more values to the category.  He gifted more than 400 music videos to Sri Lankan music lovers whom like to visualize the story of their favorite song.  Sandaruwan won several awards for his outstanding musical stories in his music videos.  His creative way of story telling in music videos were chart busters in many television channels, while making artists to reach more hearts whether with their songs or visual performances. 

“The director who knows his audience tune and bringing their visualized story in to a musical treat”


Sandaruwan’s journey with music industry officially started by bringing new concepts to the Television Musical Programs.  His first contribution to a musical program at ITN TV Channel made him win the “Best Musical TV Program of the Year” Award at UNDA Tele Awards in 1995 titled as Nishanthaya

He won the Sumathi Tele Awards for the Best Musical Program of the Year, 2002 titled as Nim Him Sara for the ITN TV Channel.  He has done many musical documentaries, musical live events in television platforms and assured audience to give a unique musical experience each time he took the control of Director’s Seat or Production control.