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Sandaruwan Jayawickrama (also known as Sanda) is a Sri Lankan Director, writer, producer who offered many memorable hits among the Sri Lankan audience around the world.  He began his career in media and television productions in 1992 by joining the Independent Television Network, which is one of the pioneered television networks in Sri Lanka.  Sandaruwan is among the few who got lucky to chose their passion as their career.  His passion for his work made him an award winning Director by advancing what he is doing better, by playing an exceptional role in the Sri Lankan Television Industry.  Sandaruwan has received professional qualifications from OCIC, SLTTI, RTM - Malaysia, Flinders University - Australia.  His extensive knowledge in Tele Drama Direction, Youth Music Video Production, Television Reality Show Production, Advertising, Drama Script Analyzing, Scene Writing, Editing and Multi-Camera Productions abilities always contributed the finest and memorable experiences to the Sri Lankan Audience.  He is one of the rare assets, Sri Lankan television industry has gained as he excels direction, production and every possible aspect in television industry.  He has been known to support his fellow production crew members and encourage cohesiveness, establishing and maintaining strong working relationships with all connected crew members. Over 25 years of hands-on experience and his generous, well-wishing heart has made Sandaruwan Jayawickrama a popular and respected name in the Sri Lankan Media Industry.


“He began from the scratch and proudly continuing his journey by excelling in his field”

Sandaruwan Jayawickrama is a Student of Nalanda College - Colombo, Sri Lanka.  After his collage studies he started advancing his passion for Film & Entertainment Industry by studying Film, TV & Cinema Producer’s Course at International Catholic Film Office (OCIC) by learning Camera Operation & Directing, Lighting techniques, Sound recording & Editing, Video Editing, Storytelling & Scriptwriting.  Then he started his career at Independent Television Network (ITN) (The first independent TV station) in 1992 as a trainee Cameraman. 

His dedication to his work made him learn the intricacies of camera work and quickly developed an eye for capturing stimulating visuals.  At the same time, he studied Mass Media Communication at Sri Lanka Media Foundation by advancing his knowledge.  The ability of quick learning and advancing what he is doing, made him Assistant Producer of some major musical programs and tele series in 1994. 

Sandaruwan moved on to handle various aspects of Production & Editing and then began to produce a number of music-based programs by adding new perceptions to the theme which made him nominated for awards and win them.  In the year 1995, Sandaruwan Jayawickrama won his first award at UNDA Tele Awards for Best Musical Program Director of the year for “Nishanthaya” Musical TV Program.  He added more knowledge to his passion by joining workshops in video & dance at Sri Lanka Television Training Institute (SLTTI).   

In the year 1997 he became the Programs Producer by producing musical programs and many other Television programs and he won the award for Best Musical Program Director of the year for “Nim Him Sara” Musical TV Program in the year 2002 at Sumathi Tele Awards.  He didn’t stop advancing him on what he is passionate for.  So, he continued mastering his subject by studying TV production & Direction at Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program and further studied Television Production at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia.  With his advance knowledge and dedication to his work, he became the Executive Producer by doing NLE Productions and special programs for the television channel. 

As a person who always keen on implementing new ideas to Sri Lankan Television Industry and to his subject, Sandaruwan is the one who introduced, drove and managed the GFX for the first time to Independent Television Network (ITN) in its infancy. During the period of time where he provided his service as an assistant Manager in charge of NLE division and major multi-Camera Production, he has done many memorable works by boosting the television industry of Sri Lanka. 

During his stay at ITN as a creative manager, he introduced new concepts and new programs and supervise all of them directly involving to them from scratch to final product.  Because of his dedication, immense knowledge and intense passion for what he is doing, the Sri Lankan Television industry bloomed with many new ideas and concepts under his guidance.  He is one of the youngest experienced television program consultants, Sri Lanka have right now.  His inclination to the arts and music helped him to bring a new perspective towards programming and many of his shows went on to be nominated and won many awards in leading award ceremonies in Sri Lanka.

He changed the TV Reality Show concept in to new direction by directing and producing TV Reality Shows like “Youth with Talent”.  Sandaruwan changed the image of reality shows in Sri Lanka by introducing “Youth with Talent” reality show to Sri Lankan Television Industry.  It was the first Reality 'talent' show in Sri Lanka.  He Won the Best Reality TV show Director of the year 2017 at Raigam Tele’es Awards.  He won the Best reality tv show director of the year 2017 / 2018 award at DS Brand Awards for the “Youth with Talent” show. 

Sandaruwan handled numerous Live OutBound coverages such as the world famous Kandy Perahera”, Vesak festivals, ITN Anniversary shows, prominence Indian Artist Asha Bhosle Live in concert, Sumathi Awards Ceremonies, Raigam Awards Ceremonies, CHOGAM youth parade, Ridee Reyak – the Night of celebrities and many other large-scale events and concerts.

excellencinghis abilitiesas a creativepersonal

He is currently sharing his knowledge and experience with Adfinity Production Pvt., Ltd as a Director.  Also working as a consultant for Independent Television Network (ITN) - Sri Lanka, MMC TV in Los Angeles, USA and many other local and international projects in various aspects.  He is dedicated to his passion… that’s what make him Sandaruwan Jayawickrama and he is excelling his journey as creative personal!

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